Greenwich Investment Research is an independent, value-based investment research service for portfolio managers. We produce three research products:

Research methodology includes:

  1. Identifying potential actionable valuation anomalies through extensive reading and active stock-screening.

  2. Achieving a thorough understanding of the financial statements, governance practices, business economics and valuation of investment candidates. The goal at this stage is to identify all the risks entailed in a particular investment.

  3. Conducting extensive primary research when appropriate e.g., interviews of sales channel participants, competitors, suppliers and customers.

  4. Developing inferences from data through the application of first principles.

Because the emphasis is on capital preservation, we aggressively look for reasons not to invest. The firm invests its own capital in every recommended transaction. The objective of our research is to move the investment process from decision making under uncertainty past decision making under risk toward decision making under certainty.

Research produced by Greenwich Investment Research is available on a retainer basis. For more information or to become a client, please call 203-550-2853.

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